Umeme Power Supply Agreement Form

As an electricity consumer, getting the right power supply agreement is crucial. Umeme, the largest electricity distribution company in Uganda, offers an easy-to-use power supply agreement form to enable consumers to apply for electricity connections conveniently.

The form outlines the various procedures, terms, and conditions necessary for obtaining a reliable and affordable power supply from Umeme. The form allows consumers to choose the type of power connection they need, whether it is a single-phase, three-phase, or temporary connection. Consumers can also specify the power capacity they require to meet their energy needs.

The Umeme power supply agreement form is easy to fill out and requires consumers to provide personal information, proof of ownership, and location details to facilitate the electricity connection process. It is advisable to fill out the form with accurate information to avoid delays or complications in the application process.

Once the form is submitted to Umeme, the electricity distribution company will undertake a feasibility study to determine the cost of the connection and the time required to complete the connection process. Consumers should also be aware of the applicable fees and charges for the connection process, which are clearly outlined in the form.

The Umeme power supply agreement form also stipulates the do`s and don`ts that consumers must adhere to while using the electricity supply. Some of the guidelines include not tampering with the electrical equipment, not overloading the electrical circuitry, and reporting any faults or emergencies promptly.

In conclusion, the Umeme power supply agreement form is an essential document for anyone seeking electricity connections in Uganda. By filling in the form accurately and adhering to the terms and conditions, consumers can enjoy reliable, affordable, and safe electricity supply from Umeme.